About Me

I'm just a 23 year old with a huge passion for music, photography and videography, and the energy and emotion behind it. When I was 9, my parents got my family the games Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I wasn't too involved in music at the time, but they were, as they always have been. I started playing it obsessively just because I thought it was a fun game, and I wanted to beat every song and level. After a few years, I developed an actual music skill and mindset, mostly towards drumming. Flash forward to present, I now have a YouTube channel where I record and upload drum covers of my favorite songs. 

My passion for video started when I first started going to concerts. There's such a raw and vulnerable connection at concerts, and I love being able to capture that and memorialize that for people in a way that I can maybe tell a story or showcase what a band can do live. My first video experience that got me started was when I saw Tremonti live and I brought a GoPro with me for the first time. I was front row and Eric Friedman brought his guitar close and pressed it against the mic stand for me to record. When I looked back at the video, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now I've got actual equipment to hopefully capture my inspirations in that special state.

Now, I've further developed my skills to tackle other projects for video, like weddings and documentaries. With this knowledge, I've started to dabble in photography, such as concerts (before a pandemic came long), and more recently portraits and landscape work as well. One of my dreams is to go on tour with a band and document their travels and live performances that inspire so many individuals, like myself, in many different ways with that raw and vulnerable connection.